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To all those who insist that Hiccup is some kind of artist/writer/whatever-else-in-that-lane-I’m-to-lazy-to-use-dictionary-right-now: He isn’t. He’s an engineer, a designer and a craftsman, a inventor and a visionary.

And before anybody starts with the argument of: “But he draws so much, so he must be an artist.”

Wrong. His drawings are not works of fine art, but either notes (the map of Berk he uses to searches for Toothless after he shot him down the night prior), studies - somewhat scientific ones, even - of his surroundings (the picture of Toothless when he finds him in the cove), or drafts of constructions he’s planning to make a reality (the bola-cannon, the tail fin).

His creations are functional, minimalist even, there aren’t any decorative attachments to his works, they’re made only for their intented purpose(s), nothing about image. Even the “Skull and bones” motif on the new fin he uses throughout both specials and all of RoB is not his own making - it’s Gobber’s. He probably made it from Hiccups plans and added the motif because he liked it/thought it to be cool/for the hell of it.

Of course, Hiccup wouldn’t have any problems making a new uni brown fin himself, or for the sake of stealth a black one, but why bother? It would mean unnecessary work and could lead Gobber to think his own work is not “good enough” in Hiccup’s eyes.

Older!Hiccup seems to have changed a bit in regards to the “no image, all purpose” attitude, seeing as his new armour has obvious accessories that aren’t there for anything else but to look cool. Not that there’s something wrong with that.

All this doesn’t make him any less creative. However, it shifts his creativity in a direction far less fan artists are familiar with. It’s a play on the old trope of “Most writers ar writers”. It’s not inherently wrong to make Hiccup a talented artist or writer in your own works, but don’t asume he has to be based on him drawing in the (Dreamworks/CN)canon material.

I’m not trying to offend anybody with this here. I’m just tired of seeing/hearing/reading/what-have-you of Hiccup as a artist over and over again. Now, I’ll go write a fanfic with him as a mechanic.




No, I’m serious here. It will be online in a few hours, just wait.

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